Thai events

 DSC03305cropped19942580_1399593126784905_8186469676531314635_o End of Rains 2017


All dates are when the special day is observed, not the day itself.

October 3: The Sart Day

Thai Buddhists commemorate their dead relatives, and make merit.

October 24: End of Vassa, of Buddhist Lent Day

After this date, monks can travel anywhere.

November 14: Kathina Robe Offering Ceremony

Since the time of the Buddha, laity have offered robes and supplies to the monks at the end of the Rains Retreat. This exemplifies the close bonds between laity and monks.

December 31, 2021, New Year’s Eve (western)

Chanting and blessings to bring in the new year.

Washington State was fully open on June 30, 2021.  Beginning in August 2021, masks are mandatory indoors.