Thai events

November 25 Loy Krathong Festival, the Festival of Lights

In Thailand, people make tiny boats, decorate them with flowers, lights, and incense, and put them in the water to float away one’s defilements.  The festival is celebrated at Buddhangkura, too.  If you wish, bring something to offer to the Buddha.  The purpose is for peace and happiness.

A water body will be constructed for the boats at Buddhangkura.

9-12. Morning only.

January 6, 2019 New Years’ (Western), celebrated this date at the Thai temple


Jan. 5:  9-12  PM Chanting until just past midnight.  Monks will give a blessing.

Jan. 6:  10:00 AM  Monks will lead the laity, emphasizing a new life.  They will encourage people to follow the Buddha’s teachings.