Thai events

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January 1, 2020:  New Year’s Day (Western)

December 31:  Chanting beginning at 8:00 pm until midnight

January 1, 10AM-12PM:  Chanting, alms for the monks

February 2: Magha Puja Day

Magha Puja, or Sangha, Day commemorates two events.  The first was within 10 months of the Buddha’s enlightenment, and occurred on the full moon of the third lunar month.  1,250 monks who had become enlightened in that short time period, assembled to pay respects to the Buddha without prior arrangement. The Buddha delivered a sermon in which he asked the monks to do good, to abstain from bad action, and to purify the mind.  On this same day near the end of the Buddha’s life, he declared that he would pass away in three months.

Laity come to Buddhangkura in Olympia on this day to give alms to the monks, and to circumambulate the temple with the monks three times, signifying the Three Jewels (the Buddha, the Dhamma, and the Sangha) holding a lighted candle, flowers, and incense.

In Thailand, Magha Puja Day is a national holiday.