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Sign for Buddhangkura Buddhist Temple, Olympia, WA

932 Mett St. NE, Olympia, WA 98516, Phone: 360-350-0897


Wednesdays, March 21-April 18, 6:00-7:30 PM


Description: How does one make sense of the different views of Buddhism?  By starting at the beginning!  The original collection of the Buddha’s teachings has survived through the ages, and its practitioners are called Theravadans.  In the class you will learn the main teachings of the Buddha in depth, and the cultural and spiritual milieu he emerged from.  What did the Buddha really teach?  This class will tell you.  Free book for the class at first session.  Register at any ongoing event, or email Barbara at craventemple@gmail.com with your full name and phone number.

The course is not drop in like the ongoing events.  Every session is important so that at the end, you’ll be able to distinguish the Buddha’s real teachings from those that aren’t.  Free.  $60 donation requested, but if you can’t donate, sign up anyway!  Limit 15.

Teachers:  Pattago Bhikkhu and Barbara Craven

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ANNUAL MEETING of Theravadan Monks at the Thai temple:

200 monks in Olympia!

JUNE 15-17 2018

Abbott Phra Ratsamee with markers

The meeting will include the markers burying ceremony so that this temple will be authorized to ordain monks.  Stones will be placed to mark the boundaries of the ceremonial temple.  Our round stones to be buried, and the markers on top are ready and waiting!

Laity are welcome to attend at any time during the three days.  Just walk around, visit with the monks if desired, watch the stone placement.


The meeting brings together monks of the Dhammayuttika order, founded by Prince Mongkut in the 19th Century.

Partial schedule, subject to change:

Friday, June 15:  1-3:00 PM  Buddhist monks chanting for peace on the Capitol steps.  They will start gathering around 1:00.

Saturday, June 16: 9:00 AM Looknimit gilding and offering tri-cloth robes.  Andy Ryder, Mayor of Lacey, welcomes the monks.

Sunday, June 17: 2:45 PM Consecration ceremony of the Buddha and ordination hall.  3:00 PM Ceremony of cutting the rattan of the Nimit ball, and bind Patthasima.


Stone burying ceremony in Thailand