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English-speaking group at Buddhangkura.


The dhamma is a good friend during these times.

DSC00049This is an opportunity to deepen your practice.  Pattago Bhikkhu’s advice to meditate first thing after waking up is invaluable right now.  Do you check the news first thing? Start your day with the dhamma, and it will help you throughout the day to keep your mind more restful.

Many Theravadan websites and monasteries offer online and/or youtube teachings.  Please see the tab “Reliable websites” for some of them.

If you need a short, just the basics, to get you back on track, this might help: Ayya Santusikka’s talk on how Buddha’s teachings apply now.  The video is crisp:

Abhaygiri Monastery in California has a webpage, “Dhamma Resources for the Pandemic” on their website.  Included is a note by Ajahn Jayasaro on “A Few Mindfulness exercises for the Pandemic.”

Ajahn Brahm’s monastery in Australia is now doing a daily series due to the covid-19 virus in addition to their usual Friday night series.  Various monks give the teachings.  And there are some great ones that go back years, such as Ajahn Brahm’s 2011 teaching about Uncertainty.

When we resume:

IMG_5730 Pattago adjGuided Meditation

1st & 3rd Thursdays, 6:30-7:45 PM

Monk Steve (Pattago Bhikkhu) guides sitting and walking meditation, and gives a short talk at the end.  For beginners and advanced meditators.

Pattago Bhikkhu has studied Buddhism and meditated for 20 years.  An American monk, he ordained in June 2017 in Thailand in the Thai Forest Tradition.


Please be on time to all meditations, talks, and book study so you don’t disturb others.

Around the turn of the 19th-20th century, Ajahn Mun revived meditation in Thailand for monastics.  His students created an international monastery in Thailand where westerners could become monks.  They brought the practices to the west where they have been teaching laity.  Southeast Asia is at the heart of meditation.  Theravada in Olympia bases its methods on the Buddha’s instructions in the suttas.  His way lead him to an end of suffering, to enlightenment.



Cushions and chairs available.  No registration is required for any meditation, talk, chanting, or retreat.

All meditations/talks/chantings/book studies are free.  Books are free, too!  Donations are welcome.

Barbara, organizer,
Pattago Bhikkhu, meditation teacher,
Phra Ratsamee, abbot, 360-350-0897