Sign for Buddhangkura Buddhist Temple, Olympia, WAThere are donation boxes for the meditation sessions and a temple donation box in the temple.  Funds in the meditation box are used to pay postage for the books, for meditation supplies such as cushions, and to help the temple with expenses such as heat.  Buddhangkura Thai Temple provides a meeting space for our English-speaking group, Theravada in Olympia, for free.  Please consider donating to the temple while there for an event, or send a check directly to the address on Visit.

Dana is the Pali word for giving from the heart.  Generosity is one of the Ten Perfections that lead to Enlightenment, and it is contained in the suttas, that is, the Buddha’s teachings.  In the centuries after the Buddha’s death, people wondered how, through his lifetimes, he’d progressed to the point of being only one lifetime away from Buddhahood.  They came to believe that he’d incorporated the Ten Perfections into his daily life.

Dana benefits the giver more than the receiver.  If you give with a warm feeling in your heart, rather than only out of duty, you’ll receive the benefit.